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2006 November 10 Friday.

My first gig of the day was at the DoKan Nursing School, starting at 9:00.  Most of the students were in attendance today.  Some were very sleepy.   

Starting next week they have about 3 weeks of practical training 実習.   Have a nice time guys.  See you again in December.   

When that lesson was finished at about 10:30, I came back to my classroom, to eat brunch, and do a complete overhaul of the tall narrow bookshelf that holds my class folders, and copies of textbooks pages. 

It was a job well done, because the contents is much easier to see and use now.  It only took me about 2 hours to do it all before my next class started at 15:00. 

The three elementary school girls who came every week at this time asked me today, if I was going to have a big Xmas Party for Snowman Bei Kaiwa.

  I told them that unfortunately, this classroom is too small to get more than about 10 or 12 people in here at one time, so I have never held any "EVENTS" here at my classroom since the GRAND OPENING PARTY on June 9, 1996. 

The good news is that the city is currently remodeling the very large building right next door to me, that used to be the rather over-bloated Forestry Management Agency 営林局.

They will make the building into a library, a citizens hall, and have some other large all purpose rooms, that folks like me can rent, and use for some really big and fun events.  Like a Xmas Party for example.   We will do it at about this time next year, girls! 






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