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2006 October 7 Saturday.

It seems that the wind and rain are coming this way.  I can see it in the sky, and also read about it in the Hokkaido Newspaper.  I don't think I will be doing much traveling around today. 

However, the wife and I went to her mother and auntie's house for a while after first visiting a very famous confectionary maker that is located in the KaguraOka district of this city.  It is a place called The Sun Kurodo and is very popular both among the local people, and tourists from overseas as well. 

You can see that the welcome sign in the photograph on the left is written in four different languages.  It appears to be five languages, but there are two different forms of Chinese written on the sign.   I am proud to say, that I can read all of the greetings.

This store is housed in a very large stone building that has a rather long history.   When I first came to Asahikawa about 16 years ago, it was a beer restaurant called Classic Hills. 

After they went out of business under rather strange circumstances, it sat empty for a while before becoming what it is today.  The snowman in the picture is, unfortunately, no relation to me or my school.

Maybe we should team up and start something new.  This snowman has met a lot of people from all over the world.  He has connections.





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