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2006 October 22 Sunday.

Another cold and windy day.  I ain't plannin'  to go nowhere.

I've got some work to do on my PCs, writing new pages for various textbooks.  Along the way, I think I'll play with GC software and make another visualization.  I could also watch and listen to some stand-up comedians on Google Video.

Oh by the way, speaking of GOOGLE, they just bought YOU-TUBE for some outrageous sum of money.   A few days later, YOU-TUBE had a whole lot of very tacky pop-up ads on nearly every page.   Yuck!  That sucks guys! 

At least get some artistic sense if you MUST POST your phuckin' pop up money makers.   Right now, they are a huge eye sore.   Fortunately, the user can zoom up the video player window and loose the distractions.

   A long hot bath will also be in order on today's agenda.   The colder the wind blows, the hotter I like my long soak in the tub.   That's how I can survive in Hokkaido.   

The graphic on the left, is my visualization of a water drop, thrown up into the air, by a stone thrown into a still pool.  By looking at the shape of the drop, I can't really tell if it is still going up, stopped at the apex of its journey, or coming back down to meet its maker. 

The only thing I know for sure is, it's still up in the air.  A drop of water.  I wonder how many H2O water molecules, it takes to make one single drop of water?   Most likely,  I can discover that information, if I just do an internet search.   Well, I just did an internet search using the question; "How many H2O molecules are in one drop of water?"

  The answer came back as a link to this website.   It said that there are trillions of H2O molecules in one drop of water.   Trillions???  Let's see, one trillion is written like this; 1,000,000,000,000.   So, trillions means this number multiplied by at least 2 or 3 or 4,....   

I'm not sure how many times.   That is a very very large number.   I can't even visualize how much that is.  Can you?



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